Learn SuperNova: How to use Connect and View

SuperNova’s Connect and View allows you to connect a camera to your PC to magnify, scan and read printed documents. For more help and information, visit https://yourdolphin.com/ support Twitter: https://twitter.com/yourdolphin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YourDolphin/


In SuperNova’s Connect and View, you can use a variety of magnification and colour schemes, to read printed documents in real time, or viewing a whiteboard in class. This allows you to read and alter your text on the computer, without having to move the document underneath your camera, or lose track when viewing a PowerPoint presentation.


When Connect and View is active, you will see a row of nine buttons at the top of the screen. These buttons will allow you to tailor Connect and View, to fit your eyesight. These same buttons will also exist, if you are using Connect and View to view an interactive whiteboard.


When using Connect and View in split screen mode, hold the Caps Lock key, and press the middle mouse button, to switch the mouse from your desktop to the viewer. This allows you to switch back and forth between the viewer, while writing notes on a desktop application. Alternatively, if you have a touchscreen, you can use and change the viewer with your fingers.


To increase the magnification of the viewer, select the plus magnifier button, which is second icon from the far left of the screen. To decrease the magnification, select the minus magnifier button, which is right of the plus magnifier button. To rotate the screen 90 degrees clockwise, select the rotate button, right of the magnifier buttons. To switch on, and cycle through multiple colour schemes, select the colour wheel button, in the middle of the button bar.


If your camera doesn’t have automatic focusing, Connect and View will provide an extra button in the middle of the button bar, to control the focus of the camera. Click once, to allow SuperNova to choose a focus, and click again, to lock the focus in place. Alternatively, you are connecting to a whiteboard, the button will be replaced by the tracking button, which you can click, to follow the mouse on the whiteboard screen.


To lock the screen place, while you move the document below your camera, select the lock pad button, right of the colour wheel button. To copy and save the view as an image, select the camera button, right of the lock pad. And to scan and read the text on the document, select the scanner button, which is right of the camera button.


To minimize the row of buttons, for a clearer view of the document, select the arrow button, at the far right of the button bar. You can return the buttons at any time, by click the arrow button again, which is now at the far left corner of the screen. And finally, to exit Connect and View, select the red cross button, at the far left of the screen.


We hope you enjoy using SuperNova, and remember, if you need help at any time, please visit our website, at yourdolphin.com/support