Lizzie uses SuperNova's Multiple Monitor Support at Work

Lizzie Tovey sat at her desk.  Two monitors, each magnified with SuperNova

"My name is Lizzie Tovey and I work as an Electoral Administrator for a local Council. Our office is very busy as we administer all elections and look after the electoral register for Bromsgrove District Council and Redditch Borough Council.

My sight can vary depending on the day. I have had several surgeries on my eyes to combat problems with the pressure, I have no peripheral vision and most of the time, suffer with blurred front on vision so a magnification programme is a must!

SuperNova Magnifier with multiple monitors is a fantastic product.

Within my job I often have to work alongside another person when inputting, or checking information. Previously this was quite difficult for the person working with me to understand what was going on as (like most magnification users) I am so used to my software that I whizz about the screen knowing exactly where everything is - however this used to make my colleagues feel a bit woozy!

With multiple monitors I can have my own monitor magnified and put the other one into presentation mode. I also love the fact that I can have different documents open, or email on one screen and another application on the other.

Plus the True Fonts makes the text 'super' crisp!

I just love the fact that you can hop between your displayed applications using the shortcut of the middle mouse and capslock key. SuperNova has made such a difference to my working life and I know will continue to make me even more productive.

Thank you Dolphin for making such a 'super' product."

Bromsgrove District Council