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GuideConnect 1.18 introduces the ability to use up to four email accounts. The update also includes a host of additional improvements, from adding extra information in the address book, to improvements for scanning printed text, a new option to share web pages and more.

NEW: Premium feature - Multiple email accounts

The 1.18 update introduces support for multiple email accounts in GuideConnect. Users with an active Premium Plan can now sign in to as many as four email accounts in GuideConnect at any time.

As part of these improvements, a new ‘Account manager’ has been added to the Email settings. This allows users to add new email accounts, make changes to existing accounts and remove accounts. If more than one email account is added to GuideConnect, a message will ask which account to use when opening the email menu.

Please note - Multiple email accounts is a premium feature - exclusively available for customers with an active Premium Plan.

Additional fixes and improvements

  • NEW: Address book. An option to ‘Add new field’ has been added to the actions menu in the address book. This allows users to add extra information to any address book contacts, such as an additional email address, extra phone numbers, the contact’s birthday and more.
  • FIX: Books and News. A fix has been made to prevent GuideConnect from closing after opening the headings list of certain newspapers from NFB Newsline.
  • NEW: Email. When replying to an email, GuideConnect now also displays the original email that is being replied to. 
  • NEW: Email. If an email is received which includes images within the text, these images are now displayed in GuideConnect.
  • FIX: Email. A fix has been applied to ensure GuideConnect continues to work with Live Mail email accounts. 
  • NEW: File manager. Compressed ZIP files are now supported by GuideConnect. ZIP files can be opened either using the File manager, or from an email attachment. Once a ZIP file is opened, an action is available to ‘Extract’ the files, which will save them to either the ‘Attachments’ or ‘Documents’ folder. 
  • FIX: Notes. Fix to ensure users are able to record multiple audio notes one after the other and play them back as expected. 
  • NEW: Scanner and camera. The system that recognizes text from a scanner or camera has been updated. As a result, GuideConnect is now able to recognize printed text more accurately.
  • NEW: Settings. Options to adjust the ‘Cursor when typing’ have been added to the ‘Appearance’ settings. These settings make it possible to change the width of the cursor and add a cursor highlight, making it easier to view when typing an email or document. 
  • NEW: Websites. GuideConnect now applies the same highlight colour on websites as it uses for highlighting menus. This same highlight colour is now also applied when reading HTML emails.
  • NEW: Websites. An option to ‘Share this web page’ has been added to the actions menu for websites. This option makes it much easier to share the current web page with a friend by email.

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