Languages supported: Belgian Dutch, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (Australia), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Italian, Norwegian, Swedish

New Music & CD Player feature – play music from a cd or other device. Import music from CDs or tracks already stored on your computer. Search for a track or view track details.

  • New Notes feature – Create a text note or record an audio note. Save your note for future, or send your note by email.
  • New File Manager feature – copy and move files, rename files, browse your folders, sort them into order, search or create new folders.
  • New Contact cards  - Receive and import contact to your address book or email your contact to others
  • New Calendar cards  - Import events to your calendar or share an event via email
  • New hotkey SHIFT + F11 switches between your favourite GuideConnect voices
  • In quick text entry areas such as searching for a book or entering a subject line in an email, it’s now even quicker to use GuideConnect’s voice input. Say aloud the text you wish to search or enter, and GuideConnect automatically adds it and immediately moves on. There’s now no need to select enter on the keyboard, remote or touchscreen.
  • Switch to using GuideConnect’s menus in Spanish

Bug Fixes for those with a technical interest

Fixes for Emails

  • Yahoo email accounts - setting up a new account no longer causes GuideConnect to crash
  • email accounts - a problem where emails failed to send has been resolved
  • Plusnet email accounts - users are now able to delete emails
  • BT Internet email accounts - users are now able to save emails to their draft folders
  • Live email accounts - users are now able to save emails to their draft folders
  • When emails are deleted, GuideConnect no longer intermittently reports the email was not deleted
  • When viewing an email’s image attachment, the actions menu no longer offers the option to delete the image
  • If you save a draft email, then edit and send it, GuideConnect previously displayed a ‘failed to load email’ screen. This has now been resolved.
  • Opening an attached GDOC file previously reported “attachment could not be opened”
  • GuideConnect’s inbox now shows the time your message was received, as well as the sender, subject and date.

Fixes for Documents

  • When in My Documents, the Action’s menu now includes an option to ‘open from device’.
  • Editing a GDOC file previously created in Guide v9 (GuideConnect’s predecessor) the document turned blank when then editing in GuideConnect
  • When printing a GDOC file previously created in Guide v9, the document is no longer blank
  • It is now possible to print PDFs via the Actions menu
  • UK customers printing a letter will now notice that the sender’s address is right aligned (previously it was left aligned)
  • For Dutch users, the recipient's address is now printed on the left
  • Large DOCX files no longer cause a crash
  • In My Documents it is now possible to delete documents using the delete key
  • Previously when performing a continuous read the last word may have remained highlighted. Some users then found they accidentally deleted that word when they started typing.
  • When writing the body of a document, GuideConnect now:
    • correctly announces capital letters
    • announces caps lock on/off
    • only announces ‘caps on’ once (Swedish users had reported it being announced twice)
  • When typing echo is set to Words, the characters deleted are now announced individually
  • Capital letters are now announced when they are deleted
  • When inputting text using GuideConnect’s voice input function, pressing escape now correctly asks you if you want to save the document
  • If your document has already been named and saved, the actions menu’s Save function now saves without asking you to choose a document name
  • When you exit a document, GuideConnect now confirms your document is saved
  • You can now open attached .DOC documents that included special (non-English) characters in the title

Fixes for Websites

  • Videos now play on the Swedish website
  • A 404 (error) message is no longer presented when looking for travel information on
  • A login error 403 is no longer presented when logging in to
  • It is now possible to log into

Fixes for Radio

  • When exiting the radio player and GuideConnect asks if you want to continue listening, the default option is now ‘No’ (same applied to podcasts and music also)
  • If you add an American radio station to your favourites you return to a list with every American radio station in instead of just those for the state you chose

Fixes for Books and News

  • When switching between books or exiting a book, GuideConnect now correctly remembers your reading position
  • A crash when accessing newspapers via MTM Taltidningar (a Swedish newspaper library) has now been resolved

Fixes for Scanning

  • The default colour for scanned images is now the original colour scheme.  Previously it was Invert Brightness
  • It is now possible to connect and use two scanners
  • The MLS MagiLink Pro camera is now supported

General Fixes

  • For UK customers the full stops are now announced as ‘dot’
  • Turning the voice on or off with CTRL + 0 now behaves as expected
  • Shutdown is now the first option in the Exit menu
  • The delete key now remove items from all file lists
  • When updating GuideConnect, your computer shut downs or restarts as you’d expect
  • When printing address labels from the Address Book, the U.S. state is now included in the address
  • It’s now possible to print help pages by pressing CONTROL + P

Translation Fixes

  • The word ‘inbox’ is now translated in the email folder list
  • For Danish users:
    • when skipping forward or backward in a video, GuideConnect no longer announces random numbers after the minute
    • The word Påmindelse has been updated
  • For Czech users:
    • Characters that were previously corrupted are now fixed
    • The Czech language and flag are now both correctly labelled
  • For Swedish users, the Swedish text:
    • has been updated in the installer
    • when saving on exit has been updated


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