Languages supported: English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Swedish

Optimisation for Screen Readers

A series of improvements have been made to ensure EasyReader is optimised for screen reader users, including more intuitive announcements on book items and in popup menus. The traditional Windows file menu has also been included, along with a series of new hotkeys. Browse the complete list of EasyReader hotkeys.

New Book and Newspaper Libraries

7 new book and newspaper libraries are now available to browse and download from, including:

  • AVH Éole, France
  • NBH Hamburg, Germany
  • ATZ, Germany
  • DZB Leipzig, Germany
  • CBB, Netherlands
  • Oogvereniging, Netherlands
  • Libro Parlato, Italy

Compatibility with Windows 10 May Update

Windows 10 customers that have received the May Update will need to upgrade to EasyReader v8 to ensure compatibility the Microsoft’s latest update.

Improved Skippability

Readers can turn on or off the option to listen to page numbers, foot notes etc during book playback.

‘Where am I?’

A new ‘Where am I?’ dialog has been added to the reader view and includes information about the users current reading position in the book.

Also New:

  • Support for Daisy 3 text-only books from CELA Library
  • Vision Australia users can now search for books by title, author etc.
  • Support for the ‘Reading list’ feature in Bookshare and RNIB Bookshare
  • Organisation support for Bookshare and RNIB Bookshare, enabling teachers to assign books to students’ reading accounts.

Fixes are also included for:

  • Legimus library users who had logout & restart issues
  • Legimus library users who experienced a crash when using the ‘Back’ menu in the Legimus menu
  • Legimus books that are still ‘in production’ are now identified as such
  • CELA library users who were experiencing login problems
  • Anderslezen library users who were experiencing a download failure where the book title included a full stop (period)
  • NKL newspapers where the incorrect library name was set in the list of newspapers


Other v8 releases:

Complete Version History