New Control Panel

Version 6 has been redesigned with a stylish new control panel making all the most common controls easy to find and more advanced features no more than two clicks or key presses away. The Dolphin control panel can now be run in full view mode, menu mode or from the system tray.

Focus highlights

New focus highlights make it easy to see where the mouse, the cursor, the live focus or the virtual focus are at any time, and include crosshairs, bar highlights and pointers with a huge selection of colour, size and shapes to choose from.

New Help

Online Help is easier and more useful than ever! A self-playing DAISY book is now included so you can also listen to your manual on your DAISY hardware or software player and find just what you're looking for. Version 6 also comes with a free copy of Dolphin's own 'EaseReader' DAISY software player, which incorporates the full user manual in a DAISY book, so users are able to playback their manual using the latest technology. New Users will also appreciate the Getting Started Guide.

Easy Settings Files

Making settings files is now easier than ever. Supernova can automatically remember your speech, magnification and Braille preferences for every program you use. A settings file matches your preferences to the current application; you can also match your preferences to the current window or dialog with a situation setting.

Orpheus v2 

Orpheus v2 Multilingual Speech Software Synthesiser is now included. With 18 languages, Orpheus is one of the most clear and responsive synthesisers available and is designed for high listening speeds. The new skim reading option allows users to quickly review key words within long documents. It also comes with an exceptions dictionary, which can be personalised, allowing users to adjust pronunciation or add new words and acronyms. Orpheus v2 also supports speech at the Windows login prompt.

Advanced screen reading for MS Office 

Speech and Braille users will find it easier than ever to create, read and format MS Office documents. Version 6 can now tell you more about your documents including spelling and grammar errors, formatting and alignment, headings and style information, tables and cells, protected document controls, and spreadsheet formulas, comments and chart objects.

Faster, accurate Internet performance

Web pages now load much faster and screen reading is more accurate and automatic than with any other screen reader! Includes quick navigation keys, full spelling and attribute announcement, accurate column detection, focus tracking, page scrolling, easy form filling and much more.

List Utility 

Not just for Internet links, headings and frames - the list utility now helps you manage links and headings in MS Office documents, including Excel worksheets and chart items. The List Utility makes it easy to review large amounts of information quickly and find exactly what you're looking for.

Key Describe Mode

It's easy to learn new hotkeys - Key Describe Mode will tell you what each key does as you press it. Also useful for new typists learning their way round the keyboard.

Selected text 

Use Drag & Drop in Virtual Focus to select text on the Internet without using the mouse. Cut & Paste selected text, or read it with Document Read or Line View.

Virtual Focus

Virtual Focus movement can now be restricted to a particular control area or selection, making it easier to explore specific areas.

Magnification & Speech at Login 

Supernova offers magnification and speech at login with Orpheus v2 (not supported with other synthesisers).

Other v6 releases:

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