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What's New - 16.02

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FIX: Fixes have been made to improve stability in non-English ScreenReader editions, when using Internet Explorer 11 and when changing the language of the SuperNova control panel.

NEW: No reboot required during installation – Windows 8 and 10 users no longer need to reboot their PC after installing ScreenReader 16.02.  Windows 7 users will continue to be prompted to reboot at the end of the installation.

UPDATE: The ScreenReader installer now updates and replaces out of date editions of SuperNova by default rather than installing a new copy side-by-side; however both options remain available during the installation.

NEW: You are now able to uninstall an older version of ScreenReader whilst running 16.02.

NEW: New Dolphin Keyboard now includes ‘Scan & Read’ quick button

The new updated Dolphin keyboard includes a new ‘Scan & Read’ quick button for the same quick scan access as CAPS LOCK + O delivers.

FIX: The Dolphin Key on the Dolphin Keyboard now reliably launches ScreenReader every time.

UPDATE: ScreenReader’s in product help now includes help for the new v16 User Profiles, Media tab and using your v16 Dolphin Pen.

NEW: The HumanWare BrailleNote Touch device is now supported.

UPDATE: With the newly updated 16.02 driver, connect your HumanWare Brailliant braille display via your USB port and ScreenReader connects everything for you; no need for additional downloads or drivers.

FIX: Updated Window 10 settings now speaking as expected.

FIX: Following a Windows 10 anniversary update many of the buttons on the security dialogues were no longer reading as expected.  This has now been fixed.

FIX: 16.01 users running their preferred non-English synthesiser via SAPI 5 may have noticed ‘space’ and ‘backslash’ characters being wrongly announced in English. 16.02 resolves this bug.

FIX: Following a recent Office 2016 update, customers using the Outlook calendar have noticed the day, week and month views not speaking correctly.  This is now fixed.

FIX: An intermittent problem with the DocReader not opening reliably has now been fixed.

NEW: Evaluation and Enterprise licences are now identifiable via SuperNova’s About Box and on the Splash screen.

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