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Here at Dolphin we've been working with Swiss accessible book library SBS Swiss Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Print Disabled to deliver the platform behind their new reading app; aimed at the SBS blind, visually impaired and print-disabled user base.

SBS Leser Plus, a free app available on devices running the iOS operating system, will enable SBS library members to access and read a range of content designed to meet their visual needs. Users can choose colours, text size and highlights to suit their individual preferences, and built in speech along with voiceover and braille display compatibility ensures access for all levels of sight.

SBS Leser Plus is powered by Dolphin’s EasyReader software, which has been exclusively designed and developed in house by Dolphin Computer Access and personalised to meet SBS’s needs. Under Dolphin’s “Your library app, powered by Dolphin EasyReader” program this is the first time that EasyReader has been used by a third party library provider for their own proprietary reading app, and marks a significant move forward for both organisations, as well as those who will benefit from the service.

Flavia Kippele, CEO of SBS, said “We are enthusiastic about the app: it is reliable and easy to use. And what is best: the collaboration with Dolphin was extremely pleasant and fruitful.”

Dolphin Sales Director Steve Bennett, explains more. “Our EasyReader software makes accessing reading materials even easier, by offering a direct interface to library content rather than having to navigate to a website. By choosing EasyReader as the platform for their app, SBS are giving their library users flexibility in terms of device and location, as well as an easier route to their considerable stock of accessible books.”

SBS Leser Plus is available now on iOS, exclusively to SBS library members.

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