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About EasyReader Premium

EasyReader Premium helps your students with SEND requirements - such as dyslexia and vision impairments - to read independently. 

Schools can use the simple online account to manage students' access to EasyReader Premium, setting up and sharing logins for any student who may benefit from accessible learning material.

Affordable, secure, and simple to set up, EasyReader Premium enables SENCOs, teachers and learning support staff to quickly provide accessible learning material for students to read independently.

EasyReader Premium is also available as a Personal Plan worldwide.

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Benefits to Schools, Colleges & Universities

When you deliver inclusion, you empower more students to enjoy independent reading.

How EasyReader Premium Works

Step 1: Register students with accessible libraries

Membership to libraries such as RNIB Bookshare are available free to any UK student with dyslexia, vision impairment and other SEND requirements. These services provide free books in accessible formats.

Step 2: Buy EasyReader Premium Plan

Purchase an EasyReader Premium Education Plan so your setting can provide an inclusive reading environment for more children with SEND. Call us today for pricing and offers.

Step 3: Manage Students' Access

Teachers and SEND staff can sign in on the Dolphin website and add students to the EasyReader Premium Plan. There's a choice of three ways to do this, which are all quick and easy to do.

Step 4: Students download EasyReader App

Advise your students to download the free EasyReader App to their devices, and log in with the EasyReader Premium details you provide them. They now have the tools to read and learn independently!

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"All of the benefits for students are also benefits for their teachers.
Those kids will have greater access to written material for independent learning, revision, and developing a love of books."

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Training and Support

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Training for All

Dolphin offers a range of training options for individuals, educators and support staff.

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Free CPD Training

Improve staff knowledge and experience, with an accredited training course for educators.

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EasyReader Support

Online support includes videos, Knowledge Base articles, and technical information.

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Library Access

Instructions for IT teams regarding uninterrupted access to RNIB Bookshare with EasyReader App.

Benefits to Students

More about EasyReader Premium

EasyReader Premium Education Plan is available for any school, college or university in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden. It works with the EasyReader App to make books and learning resources accessible in your whole setting.

Through a simple online account, staff manage student logins and monitor their students' reading engagement.

Contact the Dolphin team today to find out more.

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Share Learning Resources

With EasyReader Premium, teachers can share learning material with students in a range of ways, including: 

  • Google Classroom
  • Microsoft Education
  • Email
  • Books and documents saved to a device

Students with an EasyReader Premium login can then read the shared learning material, using accessibility features in the EasyReader App.

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Reading PDFs

Learning material is often available as PDF documents, which can be difficult to read for students who rely on assistive technology. EasyReader Premium removes this barrier!

With EasyReader Premium, PDFs can be opened in their original layout, or in a text-only view, which is more accessible.

When students open a text-based PDF, EasyReader Premium reads it aloud, so they can listen to the content.

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Premium Reading Voices

With EasyReader Premium, students can download additional reading voices for their text-to-speech (TTS) reading.

This choice offers students with SEND - particularly children with audio sensitivities - a more comfortable way to read, which may help them retain information better.

With EasyReader Premium, students can listen to samples and choose the voices they prefer. These voices are synthetic, but the latest technology means they are more human-sounding than ever.

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Unlock Premium Features in EasyReader App

An EasyReader Premium Plan opens education-focused features in EasyReader App. 

To ensure your students benefit from EasyReader Premium, encourage them to download the EasyReader App. It's free and is listed in their device's app store.

Students should also set up memberships to accessible libraries. In the UK these include the RNIB Bookshare Education Collection and Calibre Audio.

Find out more about the accessibility features in EasyReader App.

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