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Empower your employees and provide customers with a truly accessible brand experience.

Accessibility at Work

Dolphin helps make your business truly accessible to employees, colleagues and customers with visual impairments.

With Dolphin software, employees who are blind or partially sighted can do their job effectively and reach their full potential at work. 

Accessibility becomes an integral part of your brand when you use Dolphin software. This results in a memorable brand experience for new and existing clients and customers.

Find out more about the range of Dolphin products and services that will make a difference to your organisation.

Group of employees with visual impairments in a modern office.
Employee at computer enlarged with SuperNova magnification.

SuperNova for Business

Your organisation can provide digital accessibility for all its employees with visual impairments.

SuperNova Professional enables colleagues with visual impairments to use magnification and screen reading software on their computer. Installed locally on Windows devices, it empowers employees to work independently and reach their full potential.

SuperNova Enterprise ensures that all employees have access to screen magnification and screen reading functionality wherever they're based. It can be deployed across the network and installed remotely, to enable hybrid working and travel, with access to Citrix, VMWare and remote desktop environments.

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Dolphin Kiosks

Choose Dolphin Kiosks and make your self-service kiosks accessible to more customers.

This software is developed to work with your existing kiosks and provides screen magnification, speech and screen reading to ensure more of your customers can use your kiosks in a way that's accessible to them. 

Dolphin Kiosks is Windows-based software, backed with the expertise of Dolphin's development team. It helps your organisation meet the needs of customers who are blind, partially sighted or have a print impairment such as dyslexia.

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Excel spreadsheet and Word document magnified with SuperNova over two computer monitors
Graphical representation of EasyReader Express

EasyConverter Express

Accessible communication in an organisation is everyone's responsibility. With EasyConverter Express, it's easy to produce documents that are accessible to clients and colleagues who are blind or partially sighted.

It takes just three clicks to convert a Microsoft Word document into a range of accessible formats, including large print, braille and audio files. It's quick, easy and cost-effective.

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Ways to make your workplace more accessible

Be My Best Self Diagram

Be My Best Self

Dolphin has developed a tool to help you identify ways you might benefit from reasonable adjustments to your work environment.

Recommended for use by individuals with visual impairments, disabilities or health conditions, it helps you communicate the ways you prefer to work and any additional accessibility requirements you may have.

It can also help HR departments identify previously unknown accessibility requirements, so all employees can thrive.


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Developer Services

Your organisation can use the assistive technology developed by Dolphin to build accessibility features into its own products and services.

With Dolphin Developer Services, your business benefits from the assistive technology, experience and expertise at Dolphin.

Products and services such as SuperNova Kiosks, EasyReader Development Kit and Dolphin Scripting help you make your business accessible to people who are blind or partially sighted.

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