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Simple talking technology for sight loss

  • Simple talking step-by-step menus
  • Effortlessly email, browse the web, write letters and scan your post
  • High contrast large print text, as BIG as your eyes need
  • Human sounding voices guide you every step of the way
  • Use with the remote control, touchscreen, keyboard or mouse
  • Packages available for UK customers
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Magnification and screen reading for Windows


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Free accessible reading app for dyslexia, low vision and blindness


  • The easiest way to find and listen to books and newspapers
  • Support for the largest collection of accessible book and newspaper services
  • Fully compatible with VoiceOver and TalkBack
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Convert your documents to large print, audio and braille


  • Ideal for educators and organisations
  • Easy to use with just 3 simple steps to create accessible documents
  • Input documents in Word, PDF, text, html and many other file formats

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Published: 21 November 2019

If your visually impaired learners are using SuperNova, the Connect & View feature can already magnify teachers’ presentations on the student’s laptop. Being able to discreetly ‘see’ the whiteboard without sitting at the front of the class is just one of the reasons why students love SuperNova. But teachers are an essential partner in magnifying the whiteboard and we didn’t want to neglect them! Introducing the new Whiteboard Wizard – a free app that making screen sharing simple.